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Free climbing on Dolomites

In order to climb you must first use your head, then your feet and lastly your hands. Bruno Detassis

Free climbing in the Dolomites is a truly unique experience, and its vertical walls are a great attraction for free climbing and mountaineering enthusiasts. Moreover the territory boasts many rock climbing areas, with varying levels of difficulty.
You can elicit the aid of an Alpine Guide who will help you select the itinerary best suited to you, teach you climbing techniques and guarantee your safety, for a day to be remembered forever.

Sport climbing

The objective of sport climbing is to better your technique, attempting increasingly difficult climbs. This activity has no age or weight limits and is a useful means to stay in shape and balance mentally and with nature.

Traditional climbing

If this is your first time rock climbing, you can take your first steps on the famous courses of the Brenta Dolomites. There are itineraries with a lower grade of difficulty, where a neophyte can climb in complete safety and experience the majestic scenery of the Dolomites.

Rock climbing courses

The Alpine Guides also organize rock climbing courses, whose objective is to impart a good understanding of climbing and hooking up techniques and familiarity with the equipment. This course is designed for anyone, even beginners, who want to get up close and personal with the thrilling world of rock climbing. A marvelous activity which requires a load of basic rudiments in order to practice it in a conscious manner.

Our hotels

Madonna di Campiglio
  • Hermitage 4-star

    This is one of the most prestigious eco-friendly hotels in Madonna di Campiglio and offers its guests an exclusive Spa with a view of the Brenta Dolomites. Surrounded by 4-star Superior luxury you rediscover the sweet tranquility of home in a unique, magical and lively setting. The perfect blend of elegance and intimacy.

    DV Chalet 4-star

    DV Chalet is the most charming hotel in Trentino and the ideal destination for your holidays in Madonna di Campiglio. The hotel is equipped to offer all the most exclusive amenities of a 4-star Superior hotel. It has a lovely Spa where you can enjoy an authentic wellbeing and relaxation plan.

    Maribel 4-star

    A beautiful mountain Hotel in Madonna di Campiglio, located just outside the city center. Surrounded by the woods of Campo Carlo Magno, in front of the ski slopes, the cross country slopes and the golf courses, it has a luxurious wellness area for a holiday dedicated to caring for your body through wellness and sport.